VERV London Pop Up
June 2018






In May 2018, online fashion retailer VERV London asked William Lee and I to design a shop-front for them. The name? The in-your-face as-you-like: Gender Fuck Fuck Gender.

None of the lettering is ‘correct’

VERV specialises in clothing that doesn’t tick gender boxes, blurring traditional boundaries between womenswear and menswear. To reflect this, we created a typographic style that transgressed traditional rules, too.

Each character is impossible to categorise, falling somewhere on a spectrum of uppercase and lowercase, serif and non-serif, solid and outline, left-to-right and right-to-left.


The title’s attitude is typical of the brand ethos, and that of its founders, Abdul and Sannu, yet equally natural to them is class and composure. While we wanted stand-out, and had it in spades thanks to the wording, it was essential we retained the brand’s elegance.

In order to achieve this, we chose letterforms for the F, U, C and K that had beautiful shapes when blocked out. From the outside, the slogan was fully censored with elegant white shapes. Intrigued passers-by found the full message when stepping inside the store.

This censorship solution became the inspiration to play with reversed lettering throughout the whole design.

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Below you can see the typefaces used. There are also links to Google docs containing earlier layout explorations and initial type references.

My role




VERV London



Design — William Lee, Pete Ashworth
Branding — Abdul Adama, Sannu Shrestha