John Lewis: Monster Maker
December 2017





Everyone knows that under their mattress lives a monster.

For Christmas 2017, John Lewis, adam&eveDDB and Michel Gondry made a film that introduced the nation to one such monster in particular: Moz, and his little-boy best friend.

Alongside this, it was our job to concept and build an online monster-maker that would introduce all the other children in Britain to their own under-the-bed best buddy.


We designed a journey that let little ones discover their new pal bit by bit.

Use your finger as a torch to find your monster's shadow. Stroke the fur to change its colour. Scribble some markings. Shout into the mic to make your monster grin a great grin and, finally, choose your monster's unique fart sound and choreograph its dancefloor shapes.

In Store

We were also tasked with dreaming up an in-store activation for John Lewis' flagship Oxford Street store. We developed a monster game of hide and seek. Children could search through Moz the Monster's House, where he would pop up in all sorts of playful places!

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My role



Stink Studios


Creative — Duncan Temple, Simon Cheadle
Creative director — Cameron Temple
Producer — Joana (Gui)maraes
Technical Director — Matt Greenhalgh
Design — Kiko Seiz
Animation — Robin Barnes, Tim Gardiner, Godart Raets
Partner Agency — Adam&eveDDB