Discounted rates for bike brands

Pollution, obesity, mental health, sardine-tin buses and tube strikes…
Bikes fix all of this.
So why aren’t we riding everywhere?
Reason 1: infrastructure.
Or ’I’m scared of dying’.
Reason 2: image.

Even if you know that road pollution is killing our children
And your bike uses no fuel but your breakfast;
Even if you will always get there faster by bike;
Even if London’s bike lanes were like Copenhagen’s;
You still won’t want to be a ‘cyclist’.
Because the fluorescently furious—the minority—give all riders a bad name.

Cycling has an image problem.
And that problem has a solution.

I believe advertising can save our streets.
Apple got us online.
Nike got us running.
Ford got us driving.
When all we wanted was a faster horse.
You don't have to wear lycra and clip on shoes to ride a bike.

I make industry-leading advertising with the world’s biggest brands.
I’ve spent seven years doing this, living between London and Copenhagen.
Now I work freelance.
TfL, Sustrans, Rapha, Uber eats, Evans and your agencies, I am the creative you need—and at a 25% discount.
Putting our heads together, we can grow the category.
Grow your customer base.
And get more and more people to that realisation they'll never go back from:
The wind in your hair always beats an armpit in your face.
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