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June 20, 2020 - Comments Off on Israel vows to continue gaza assault against Gaza Strip’s civilian population

Israel vows to continue gaza assault against Gaza Strip’s civilian population

Israel vows to continue gaza assault against Gaza Strip's civilian population

7 May 2014

The United States and Israel have announced plans to launch yet another bombing attack against the Gaza Strip, with the latest of the series taking place today, as Israeli forces continue to attack civilian targets in the area. The Pentagon said today that it "remains committed" to continuing Israel's assault on Gaza, and added that it was "proud" of its "continued effort to end the terror threat that exists on our soil." The bombing of targets in the Jabalya refugee camp and the town of Shuja'iyya is being carried out by US Marines.

In what will undoubtedly be the final episode in the five-year Israeli offensive in Gaza, it was announced on Friday that the forces of the Israeli military and their Palestinian counterparts have agreed to resume hostilities, with the aim of ending the "resistance" to Israeli soldiers' attacks on the Palestinian population in the besieged Strip.

On 9 July, US President Barack Obama met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington, DC, in a visit which was hailed as a historic meeting, as it brought the sides closer to a full diplomatic solution to the crisis and to a peace agreement. The new American president has agreed to increase his assistance and pressure on Israel to halt its attacks.

The move was welcomed by the international community, with Foreign Secretary William Hague, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and European Union Foreign Affairs Commissioner, Federica Mogherini, stating that Obama's visit "signaled the beginning of serious efforts to advance peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians."

This came a day after the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming its rejection of a possible Israeli-Palestinian peace plan in recent months.

The resolution condemns Israel's policy of using "extrajudicial" and "barbaric" measures, in바카라사이트cluding demolition and "crimes against humanity", again바카라사이트st Palestinians in Gaza, including "any acts of deliberate and indiscriminate fire perpetrated by Israel against civilians in or near Gaza."

The latest round of Israeli attacks has involved the destruction of several residential homes and destroyed a school and ot더킹카지노her civilian buildings in Jabalya. In the Gaza Strip, there have been two airstrikes today. An Israeli air strike was heard over the city, followed by another at an army position in an area in Gaza City.